02 November, 2012

You Little Beauty!

Utterly gorgeous male Black Redstart in the frickin' Garden!!!!!

A few years ago a female dropped in for grapes*, I missed out on her and have been gripped by that ever since. This week, to make matters worse, I've been gripped off by both parents on a superb male. But now, at last, not 15 minutes ago I saw him! :D

It's not like it's the first one I've seen on the Patch. They winter every year, though as we are blessed with a vast multitude of cliffs and rocks - both natural and built - finding them can be tricky. It is, however, only the second male that I've seen well. The vast majority are females and immatures; still lovely, but not quite the same.

It's been slim pickings otherwise, with the odd overflying groups of Woodpigs by day and Redwings by night being the only noteworthy events.

[[*Any fruit that goes bad gets chucked on't shed roof for the Blackbirds. If the Herring Gulls don't see it first!]]

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