28 October, 2013

A Very Brief Note

Been spending far too much time birding.. [Oh, the shame.. ;) ]

I will get to decent [ok.. longer] posting later, but I have work in, well, pretty much now. I've been on Patch all weekend; Saturday bashing, Sunday seawatching, this morning a bit of both.

Hope someone was at Berry Head yesterday; there was [among all the good stuff] the best Black-browed Gannet I've ever seen. Plumage was spot on, arced without so much as twitching its wings, stayed well out, and only showed briefly - everything a young Gannet has to do. It made me laugh out loud..

Also hope someone was at Berry this morning, with what looked like yet another juv Sabine's through past the Nose with a group of Kitts - sun and rain at the same time* made it impossible to be certain about it, though!

[[*I was most unamused at the weather, this is, after all, cheating!]]

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