11 October, 2013

The North Wind

Finding myself back on Nights, I had today sort of free [yet more Stuff to do..]

I started at the Nose, where, despite the Top Dell and South Side being sheltered from the biting wind, there was very little in the way of grounded migrants. Two Chiffs, that was it.

Mipits were moving overhead, along with finches and the odd lark, and at sea the only things on the move were a Gannet and a Common Gull.

After a little pondering, I went over to Bowling Green for the tide. Not a big tide, but the wind should bring the birds in for the shelter, I reasoned.

I was right. KB will post scores on DBN in due course, I am sure, but suffice to say there were four figures present and it was good. Shedloads of waders and quacks is always fun. It also was quite warm, with Migrant Hawkers still on the wing :)

Unfortunately, I had to head off to get the li'l car sorted, and was unable to help with the Wild Swan Chase - sometimes hopeless causes are fun, after all ;) - but I was able to admire KB's fancy new scope. He's got a Swaro 95, the flash git...

I'm not jealous.

Apologies for the brevity, but I've been up for more than 30 hours now and I need to sleep if I'm going to get out before dark tomorrow... ;)

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