10 April, 2016

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Sandblasted..

As you may have noticed from my last post down there, I am quite happy right now.

This is due to getting the near heart-attack inducing news of a male Kentish Plover at the Warren. News more than 2 hours old by the time I got back from a Patch patrol..

Having dipped those little bar stewards of birds more times than I care to remember in 3 counties, this was something requiring of immediate action.

Getting out there to be told mid-yomp by dejected leavers that there had 'been no sign for hours' was vexing but not surprising. Arriving through the sandstorm - a strong SE at DW is not to be ventured out in lightly - to find many of the Usual Suspects at the Bight, this was confirmed. The situation was not hopeless, as falling tide might bring it to the semi-sheltered feeding grounds of said Bight, and if not, IL had gone on a suicide run recce to see if the bird was around Warren Point.

My usual KP twitch result.

Then the call, and the stampede not-at-all-rushed-and-in-fact-very-orderly walk over to first find where Ivan actually was, and then where the bird was.

He very charitably even had his lovely scope on it when I got there.
Cue a Renton moment - which fortunately nobody was in position to film - as at long long last that most eeeeeevil of bogies bit the dust.

Right then;

It was quite far away.
But then it got closer
Until it finally showed wonderfully.

Considering the wind, I'm frankly amazed at these shots. I mean, you can even tell what it is!

Anyways, after 40 minutes of wonder, it pootled off towards the end of the point and out of sight and I decided not to pursue - it had been brilliant [when you could see it - did I mention sandstorm? Not kidding] and I didn't want to risk accidentally getting too close and disturbing it.

There were other birds, and also other birding today and yesterday, but they will have to wait.

I still can't quite believe it. I'm worried I'll wake up....

Be Seeing You

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