02 April, 2016

Spring Migrants [er, somewhere...]

Again a day of birding, oh shock and horror what is the world coming to???


So, I started first thing at the Nose, where the stiff SSW and overcast combined to make it a chilly and generally unSpringlike place. Despite the Top Dell and South Side being blown out, I found 2 migrants; they flew past going [quite sensibly] south - Shelducks!
A Chiffchaff started singing as I left, but that was it.

Time for a change, so I [expecting the overcast to clear mid morning like Holly said it would] went up on t'Moor to follow up a report of birds with black and white bits.

The weather clearly had been watching itv [well thankyou very much] as it was hill-scraping clouds and rain up there. Joy. However, non-ironic joy as when I was getting out of my li'l car [yes, actually getting out!] guess what flew almost over me?

'This must be the indication of many birds to come', thought I.


The well-known migrant stop-over point was not only absent of any more of my quarry, but not even a Blackbird, let alone a Wheatear! I saw Crows. And a Magpie [which is black and white in places, I suppose].
 Oh, there were Chaffinches, too.


Mountains and so on, right? I put in time and effort, I covered ground, all to no avail. Eventually the sun did show, and all of a sudden there were more birds around. There was also The Artist, who'd seen no blackandwhite birds, but had seen a Blackbird and Wheatears and a singing Willow Warbler. He'd had a very good start too, with a flypast dashpast Merlin, and also been disappointed by not getting more. [These things are relative].
After staking out the main site for lunch [still not even a Blackbird!] I toddled off to where he'd had joy and did indeed find a Wheatear, but not the WW. I went back up and.. ah! Wheatear! Singing! And it posed!


A nice pale one
[Pity he turned his head away.. ]

As for yesterday's birds, I reckon they'd cleared off to more secluded and sheltered pastures watered by the overnight rain - mine being the last out.

That's birding, folks.

On the Home front, I'm still getting Nuthatches..   :D

Be Seeing You..

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