14 January, 2017


..can be a pain in the.. most things. I also stand by my not liking change [there was a court case].

Yeah, so, I've come down with the plague. Plans for a lurverly day yomping up on't'Moor in the sunshine and -30° windchill have been kiboshed. Boo.

Yesterday I had busyness in Trovey Bacey, so I figured I might as well get straight out of work and head over with lunch to Yarner, rather than go back and over and back again. [If that makes sense. Does that make sense?]

Anyways, despite it being quite reasonable in the [very exposed] work car park, up higher a bit the wind was a toothy bugger and no mistake. A bit of fresh air helps clear the lurgy, but there's fresh and fresh... Also, I'd harboured some vague aspirations of small black and white things, maybe with some red on. Ho Ho Ho.

Still, the valley bits weren't too bad, so I made the rounds. After I'd had lunch cowering keeping watch in the hide. Which wasn't unproductive;

Well hello...

Sorry, 'Hello Mrs GSW'

"Peanuts taste good.."

Not just the woodie about, there were lots of birds, including this Grey Wag;


"He did, he really did. So I said.."

Failing again to catch a Marshie on camera, I toddled about all the sheltered bits where I'd met small things in earlier years, but didn't get so much as a 'pi'. I only even heard one Nuthatch doing an impersonation..

Still, apart from the two nice ladies with the horde of assorted 'friendly' dogs [one of which chased a buck Roe Deer across the Lady Chapel], it was very quiet and even had some snow on the ground.. Must be winter?

Looking down the Long Way

On the Home front, the Robin is getting better at feeders, and can now perch for almost 2 seconds before falling off..

Be Seeing You..

[I hope]

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