03 January, 2017

The Glorious Second

I did not spend yesterday engaged in a Wild Duck Chase down at Slapton. This was because I was up on t'Moor with The Folks. It was very sunny, if a bit nippy in the wind.

We toddled about Fernworthy - a mission made more complicated, not to say noisy, by the bevy of sheeeep who've gotten in by the broken Back Gate - and once hands had been warmed by borrowed mitts, a nice time was had by all.

The water level has picked up a little bit, and there was certainly more doing on the res, including a drop-in female Goosander, a drop-out Cormorant, and a Little Grebe. Out in the plantation, the red and green brigade were in evidence [once they'd become bored of the 'call from just out of sight' game];

One Crossbill

Two Crossbills!

"My tree!"

While only a couple posed at a time, there were a fair few of them about; a flock of 27 went over us at one point! :)

The cone-munchers were definitely star performers, though the usual suspects were all present and correct [bar Redwing, which I still haven't seen this year..]


Gorgeous light
[pretty wall, too]

Risen from the waters

The ultra-low reservoir has led to a lot that is usually hidden being revealed, the settlement by the car park being the most obvious.

In other news... The Dreaded Inevitable 2016 List Post is coming, though maybe not for a little while yet.

Be Seeing You..

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