14 December, 2010


I wasn't going to post again, but seeing as I'm suddenly gaining popularity* for some strange and unaccountable reason, I thought I'd go on and burble anyway...

Today I had an Appointment of the GissaJob variety, conveniently in the middle of the day. Either side I did diligently bash the Patch, gaining precisely no Waxwings but a gorgeous passing 1w male Sprawk in the morning and 2 male Blackcaps in the same tree in the afternoon. So not at all bad. Redwings and Starlings still hammering the berries and still no Fieldfares joining them. Lots of Blackbirds and Chaffinches [now at least 15 coming to the Garden] but no Bramblings with the Chaffs [A real Garden Mega, that'd be...]. Plenty of LTTs showing adorably, cute little fluffballs on sticks that they are.. [Aww...]

I see that the Colyton Yellow Wagtail sp/ssp has been trapped, ringed, and 'volunteered' a DNA sample to the authorities. I expect therefore to be told in a few months' time that it's an argentatus Herring Gull... ;)

*[ <-- Look over there! 5! I've got 5 real actual people who'll publicly admit to reading my blog! Woohoo!]

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