25 December, 2010

Quick Bit

Back on the Patch today and of course no Waxwings..

Big increase in Redwing numbers, with at least 34 out the back and a lot more round and about. A single Fieldfare, a couple of Song Thrushes, and lots of Blackbirds with / near / everywhere also. Speaking of the Garden, I've at last seen a second Blackcap - another male! This makes 4 males and no females in the neighbourhood [[Calling Frau Blackcap, vhere are you?]] Starling numbers out the back have hit three figures, with an in-view count of 103 and more in the immediate area. Watching Starlings, Blackbirds and Blackcap trying to hang upside down like Blue Tits as they go after palm berries is quite amusing...

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