11 December, 2010

Oh Yes

Today was a day of Patch-bashing. Again. I was very good, I think, as I have happened to notice that despite not chasing yearticks I'm on 248 for Britain, which is a) a record for me [amateur...lightweight...] and b) 2 off a very nice total. How did I notice? Well, with all this time on my hands... Ok, not quite true actually; a certain JR has a habit of asking, so it's only polite to keep track so I can tell him. Back to the point - I think it's a very good indicator of just what a good year it's been so far, in terms of species diversity. He Who Must Not Be Named has I believe stated it to be the second best year on record.. Anyway, the news that there was a White-front on the Axe yesterday had me tempted, but I behaved, and have been Rewarded by the Goddess of Birding.


You may want to turn your browser down at this point...



4 Utterly gorgeous berry-munchers at Waitrose [classy birds] this afternoon! 2 adults [one a stonking male] and 2 1w, oh but I am over the mooooooooon!!!!!!!


They were coming to feed on two Rowans opposite the entrance to the car park, then flying off east [to a resting tree I was unable to find]. I'm not ashamed to admit that I did say "Holy Shit!" Last sighting was at 3, when it was starting to get dimpsy; around here most birds are starting to ease off from about half two [except crows and gulls, which are often up all night around the harbour...]. I will be back in the morning. :D

I'd bashed the Patch in the morning, had some lunch and was about to head south when I thought - 'Oh I'd better check, just in case..' To my surprise there was a blue triangle halfway down Westhill Avenue. It said 4 Waxwings. I said something not printable. Knowing that Rarely Barely Accurate are well-named, [and expecting it to be Westhill Avenue in Cleethorpes, or something...] I decided that it was my duty to confirm or deny, and so worked a spiral search pattern around the marker. Well, streets allowing. After a lot of ground I got to Waitrose, noticed a couple of Rowans, leaned against a wall to see if anything came to them and inside 5 minutes hit the jackpot. Interestingly, I now see that there were 4 Waxwing at the Hospital at the same time - were these the birds reported on the newsmap?? If so then truly She has Smiled upon me this day...

In other Patch bird news, plenty of Redwings still around, and more Grey Wagtails [which I forgot to put in my last post - a Grey Wag near the Berry Bushes], also a 10+ LTT band by Plainmoor.

Oh I am so very very happy right now. I might have had longer and better views at Alphington, but these babies were on my patch... It don't get much better than this.

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