23 September, 2013

More Of The Same

Sunday.... Different day, similar weather - warm and muggy. Similar report, too.

Went for a wander about Fernworthy with the Folks - it was a lot less mizzley than Saturday; it almost got bright, even. I again had a good look for cones and again found bugger all - and not a sniff of Crossbills, though that isn't a surprise, is it? There wasn't the cloud of hirundines over the reservoir that I'd been hoping for, either..

On the plus side, three nice Common Hawkers - all showing well for them, though not stopping - and a plethora of GSWs were about. The tits and crests have evidently had a good breeding season; they were all over the shop. Less good, though, were only a single calling flyover Siskin and no Redpoll at all. The res. was pretty dead - only one Canada! - and no waders, though the low water and half decent weather meant the shoreline was constantly occupied by people and dogs, so no surprise there.

We had a nice meander, even getting out onto t'Moor proper for a spell of open vistas and a little bog-hopping :)

Also yesterday, a welcome Garden Butterfly Tick - an overflying Brimstone. :)

Today, from the canteen at work a steady if light trickle of south-bound hirundines; in ten minutes of sustained gazing-out-the-window I counted 19 Swallows and 8 House Martins.

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