10 September, 2013

Will This Post Appear??

I don't get a lot of traffic on this blog [you may be shocked to hear]*, but the majority of it comes through the blogs of those two of Seaton's Finest who have - by fit of charity or madness - linked to mine. All well and good, but for some unknown technical reason, my updates aren't appearing! Scroll down the Favourites and there Backward Birding is, last updated [now] more than a week ago.. But look down.. Yup, posts plural.


But apart from that;

Sunday. I bashed the Patch and found pockets of migrants in odd places. I reckon they'd been brought down due to coming together with one of the hefty but localised showers that have been knocking around. One of these spots being the Garden first thing, where there were at least 3 Chiffs, a Willow Warbler, and a Coal Tit!

Out and about, the star attraction was at, or rather above Redgate Beach and Anstey's Cove** - at least 88 House Martins! They were busily munching flying insects and from the Window on the Coast Path you could see them above, below...all around! The air was filled with their merry chrrick!s and I spent far too long there watching them. I eventually moved around to Walls Hill - where I got the good count - and also got a surprise falcon sp.! It looked very much like a grey morph Gyr, markedly bigger than  the [very brave] Crows which tried mobbing it, but not exactly epicly huge. Possibly a male? While it had no jesses or wires protruding, it had to be a falconer's bird [and of course likely some unholy hybrid*** with Peregrine and goodness knows what else..] being so far south so early. But, ooh it made me look! :)

[[*Not that audience figures are why I do this - you may be even more shocked to learn..]]
[[**Midway between Babbacombe Beach and Hope's Nose - Anstey's is rocky and Redgate is sandy and the best beach around, but closed to non-yachties after the Council in their wisdom blocked the access in case a rock rolled on someone and they sued. Words fail me.
The Window is a spot on the Coast Path between Walls Hill and Anstey's where you can look down onto Redgate and across to the brightly coloured cliffs of Walls Hill - one winter's day I'll find a Wallcreeper from there! {Oh stop laughing!}]]
[[***In my humble opinion, all this hybridisation is very very dodgy.]]

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