14 April, 2014

Quietly Ticking Over

[Insert Weekend's Report Here]

Friday: Early visit to Hope's Nose gives 3 Willow Warblers - one singing low on the North Side - 13+ Chiffs, 2+ Blackcaps, and a Swallow. 200+ Guillemots very noisy on the Ore Stone, 3 Fulmars around the cliffs, a Grey Seal in the sea, and three Mallards and 5 Oyks around the exposed weed.

Saturday; Late visit to Hope's Nose sees 25+ Swallows in/off, including a timed count of 11 in 15 minutes. Only one Guillemot visible on the Ore Stone and only one Fulmar in sight. Wheatear in the Quarry until flushed by anglers, 3 pairs of Blackcaps, and 8+ mobile Chiffchaffs plus a bird with nesting material.

Sunday; Afternoon up onto t'Moor with the Folks and LBD [sporting newly-healed paw - the dog, not the parents!]. Many Mipits and Skylarks on the tops, but main interest bird-wise along the woody fringe. Here a singing Redstart in the morning was overshadowed by a large party of migrating pipits in the late afternoon; 22+ Mipits were accompanied by at least 2 Tripits. One of the latter posed with 4 of the former in a Hawthorn downlight at a nice binocular range for us :D  Mum also saw her first two Swallows of the Summer, which delighted her, and Tilbury found some water to jump in, which delighted her.

[This is the same LBD who won't venture into the garden if the ground's even damp..]

Several Small Tortoiseshell were on the wing on the tops, with an unidentified brown spp. low down. En route three Brimstones - 2m and a f

Anything else?
Oh yeah;

Two weeks and counting.......

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