04 April, 2014

Rumours Of My Return May Have Been Overstated

Today, well yesterday now, was the first birding I've done since last I posted. Other than quick looks out of assorted windows, that is. One such look got me a lovely Willow Warbler last week, so not entirely fruitless.. :)

Anyways, getting off another merry week's nights, I resolved to hit the Nose no matter what. This turned out to be a pretty good idea, as it happens.

[[Or at least, so I thought - bloody cuckoos.... ::Mutter mutter:: ]]

There were some actual migrants, with Chiffs hitting double figures and small parties of Woodpigs coming in/off all morning.. As was my first Swallow of the year! :D

There were also these two, mobile around the bushes where the Second Slope and South Side meet the Upper Meadow;


Demonstrating the name

Horribly lit random passerine, singing in a scorched gorse bush

And then together!

The Stripy-headed Lads' Club

I'm tempted to say "name those birds", but really, one's very easy and one's probably impossible. They both cleared off disappointingly quickly - having places to go and ladies to find [the horde of assorted territorial Dunnocks and Robins probably didn't help, either].

The 1w GND with the thigh patches was in Hope Cove and came right in close. As did 5 Razorbills - two sets of full s/pl duos and a lone full w/pl.

Further out - in the Ore Stone Channel before flying over to Thatcher Rock - was this;

Pics courtesy of a borrowed ATX!

Nice wingflap shot

This 2cy was pretty much in 1s plumage and while range and light mean I can't be certain, I suspect this was not my first sighting of this one.. ;)

After those beauties, I had a fair spring in my step, only slightly dented by finding out that the Inner Harbour Gull Loafing Station seems to be gone for good. They're putting in a marina. Joy...

Right then. I have re-arranged business tomorrow, so no filthy twitching for me :(  With Sunday taken too, it looks like it'll be another 16-odd years before I get that lovely bird in Devon.


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