26 April, 2014

Still Busy Busy..

Bladdy sodding Pratincoles...

Nope. Not been, can't go..   :(

But moping aside, here's what little I've been up to;

Well, work mostly! But in the two other days, I've managed to get down to the Nose for two brief but productive visits, so it's not all doom gloom and ever-growing gap since last Lifer..

I said I'd stop moping, didn't I?

Right, Monday saw much busyness, but a quick foray most of the way down the Nose with the Folks - their first time there in years! - to see the [sadly now mostly hidden] Primroses and Violets also got the first two singing Whitethroats of the year and a flock of 7 Whimbrel, who were flushed by civilians and flew off south. At least 15 Swallows came in/off while we were there, too.

Along IMD, both Green-veined White and Orange Tip were on the wing - the former a surprise Patch Tick [I could have sworn I've seen them here before, but records say no].

A male Sprawk and a Grey Heron - flying over within seconds of each other - were very nice at work on Friday morning.

Today I again had lots to do, but snuck off to the Nose anyway! I only was able to spare the sea half an hour, and unluckily caught the sunshine.. But I still managed my first Manxie of the year, plus 4 Sarnies, 5 Kitts [both in single flocks], and reasonable numbers of Gannets, Guillemots, and Fulmars. Razorbills - several still in w/pl - were moving in lower numbers [though with the Ore - and indeed Berry Head - colonies in the vicinity, numbers will be distorted]. Also at sea a grey dolphin spp. - presumably Bottlenose - heading north and seemingly being followed by at least 4 Harbour Porpoise [??]

Onshore things were even better, with a singing Garden Warbler in the Second Slope main bushes and now at least 5 Whitethroat territories occupied. The best was saved for my slog back up.. Firstly an extremely confiding Whitethroat, which kept singing as I passed within 6' of him, and then flirting around the Rock Path near the Bench Gap, was a female Redstart! :D


And finally...

[Unless the sodding maltese have shot them all.]

Free Chris Pac- oh, they've let him go.

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