21 June, 2014

Hail to the Sun!

A very Merry Litha to you all!


This morning, the Sun graced Hope's Nose with its glory, behold;

No Solstice Shearwaters, alas, though plenty of Gannets and a few Kittiwakes moving. On shore, loads of juvenile birds - most entertainingly a pack including Blue, Great, and Long-tailed Tits, with Green and Bullfinches!

Soooooo cute.

A quick roundup before I head out into the sunshine, which is hot already...

Yesterday morning, Nuthatch and Treeeeecreeeeeeeper got on my Home List within seconds of each other and on Wednesday, a juv. Tawny Owl tried roosting in the tree outside my kitchen and almost got away with it; it was found early evening by a Magpie, 2 Jays, and 3 Crows.. Ouch.

I've also had up to 15 Swifts screaming about the place. :)

Fathers' Day saw a family picnic at Burrator, with the cornish collective coming up to join in the fun. A great time was had by all in the blazing sunshine, with enough breeze to stop it getting too hot and keep the midgies down. Of interest, a Cuckoo was singing in the Meavy valley, and there were plenty of Beautiful Demoiselles and Golden-ringed Dragonflies on the wing.

Migrant breeders were still in evidence, with Redstart, Tree Pipit, Willow Warbler, and Wheatear all seen.

Later, the Devonians stopped off for afternoon coffee at Madman's Laughter Tor; with flyover Redpoll and Crossbill, though once again no Red Kites were forthcoming.

One last pic;

Little Black Dog on the lookout;
"There's got to be some sheep out there somewhere..."

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