01 June, 2014

He's Singing....

"Some things in life are sad,
They can really make you mad.
Others things just make you spit and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble - give a whistle!
And remember in the end it's just a bird.


Always look on the bright side of dips.

::Fi-fu fi-fu,fi-fu-fi-fu::

Always look on the light side of dips.

::Fi-fu fi-fu,fi-fu-fi-fu::

For life's a piece of shit, 
When you look at it,
From the wrong end of a day like this.
So all that you can do,
Is mutter a curse or two;
One day you'll get that bastard on your list!

Aaand always look on the bright side of dips;

::Fi-fu fi-fu,fi-fu-fi-fu::

Bee-eaters are flighty little shits

::Fi-fu fi-fu,fi-fu-fi-fu::

Always look on the bright side of dips


Ah, you get the idea.

So, today I double dipped in tragic style.

Why? Well, yesterday I went out to play with the Nightjars - and did very well, despite the wind - and so didn't get back and find out about the Short-stayed Eagle until late. I could have been there for dawn if I'd left straight away, but having had a rather sleepless week I had serious doubts about my safety to drive. [This 'responsibility' thing is such a bitch, I tell you] So, I figured as the bird appeared reasonably settled, it would be ok to catch it in the afternoon. Which went well.

As I was setting out, a last check for news saw me suddenly detour to the Backwater. Too late. I knew it would happen - Bee-eaters just don't stay put if they're even slightly in my reach - but I had to try. There are very few birds I value higher than an eagle, but they are one.

Not to say the day was a disaster; a few nice year ticks, plus some good Hobby and amazing Honey Buzzard views.. :)

Going back..

Friday saw me at the Nose, though I found nothing of note, despite it looking good.

Thursday saw me twitching this little darling;

In there somewhere..

The Incredible X-ray Shelduck!

It looked a lot better irl - hey, what doesn't with my photos? - and even more so when it tired of hiding and flew over to the pool on the left to forage. Oh, that tail....

Fascinating fact; that Ross' Gull is the only thing I've successfully twitched this year. The only thing.

::Falls to his knees and casts his eyes skyward::
Oh my Lady, Goddess of Birding, what have I done to offend thee?

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