27 June, 2014

Sometimes You've Just Got To Hang On And Hope

To your brolly, that is.

Ye Gods and Little Fishes but there was some weather at the Nose today. I have never been rained on so hard; it was like when The Boss and I got waved at Berry Head, but it just kept coming...

Having had this week off work, I was determined to get some seawatching in and today looked like the best bet. Which is was, though the increasing sunshine meant it wasn't an all-dayer.

Why was there nobody at Berry Head, though? Why?? Yes, a weekday, but that doesn't normally stop at least one person from being there.. Ah, well.

 Passage was in bursts before and after the [moderate to apocalyptic] showers and so the hourly Manxie rate varied by an order of magnitude.. The big ones were able to activate The South West's Biggest Chumming Machine, though the lack of sustained rain, or a strong sou'westerly meant it wasn't at maximum capability. Still brought in a spanking adult Med Gull, amongst others, but no storm petrels.

Cutting back a little.. I must apologise for my lack of postage. Really, I meant to blog again on saturday night, but something got in the way [it may have been in Brazil.. ] and it slipped my mind. And again. And ag- you get the idea.

So, lots to burble about and again not that much time. A quick overview for now;
I've been seawatching, doing boring stuff, yomping over t'Moor, ambling about Fernworthy with the Folks, bashing the Patch, chasing lepidoptera and odonata all over eastern Devon with possibly even success, planetgazing with my new view, and watching the Swifts doing their thing veryveryquickly! :D

Yes, this is it. For now. I will be back, honest, with some pretty er, pictures, even.



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