08 March, 2016

Not Yet

Negative news from the Patch; it's not Spring yet.

How do I know? No Wheatears.

Fair chunk of the weekend also taken up with prep for and execution of Mothers' Day nicpic. This year we actually had vaguely decent weather [and an unbroken pog] so we got a proper outdoors one and everything. The wind blew a bit and it was cloudier than forecast, but we didn't get rained or hailed on, so yay.

We went to a nice little spot on the coast we know. You have to suffer a little to get there, [and more to get back..] but the views are well worth the effort;

The Dancing Beggars
Start Point.
And a Little Black Dog.
Don't Go Near The Castle...

Despite the wind, up top the Skylarks were singing. Glorious.

As the weather had decided the appropriate accompaniment to the Mediterranean style views was doing a Mistrale, we cut lunch reasonably short and adjourned back to mine for tea and surprise coffee and walnut cake [surprise cake is always fun] :)
 No, we didn't scoff a whole cake in one go, see?

The Blue Tits were very obliging with arms-length views, the Green and Golds tried but suffered from stage fright, while the Nuthatches were feeling bashful and didn't show at all, alas.

No Wheaters at the Nose, but the Stonechats tried to make up for them. Still one GND hanging around near the Ore Stone, but otherwise things moving away from 'winter' - only 3 Oyks and more than 220 Guillemots, for example.

Finally, here's a nice hail shower with its own rainbow, or should that be hailcurve??;

Just moochin' along..

Be Seeing You...

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