11 March, 2016

Winter Sunshine

Yes, Winter.

Still no Wheatears, so still no Spring.

Male and female Blackcaps still about [at the Folks and mine respectively], and of note a few birds moving at the Nose this morning - Mipits and Linnets - but not a sniff of the white-bummed ones....

Now 5 Oyks on the rocks along the Sole with the low tide - looks like 2 pairs and an immature - and lots of song and display. I'd left it late in the hope of new arrivals, but no dice.

The feeders are still very popular - that 'favourites' mix really is doing well.

And now time to gotoyourhappyplace if you fear the arachnids...

Many of the hibernating Ladybirds have woken up and started wandering about, but so too has a great big spider, which noshed one this morning in the top of my kitchen window!

Spider and lunch ladybird

It was red and orange!

Be Seeing You...

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