12 March, 2016

Oh Drat..

Shushinfrushinrushinscrushin Wheatears...

North Devon?!?!?

Oh well.

Anyways, todays Wheatear Hunt went like all the others so far this year.

Not that it was awful. Down at the Nose, the sun shone, the wind was far lighter than yesterday, and the Rockits put on a show, but no Wheatears.


From Sandy Point looking up the Second Slope,
with LookOut on the skyline.
No Wheatears.

I ran into a few birders, with whom I comiserated our mutual lack of white-bummed passerines. Despite all the sunshine and singing, the normally showy Stonechats decided that they weren't going to pose for pictures, and in fact the only bird which did was this poor benighted thing;

Who's that hiding in a tree?

Buteo crowbaiteo
[also gullbaiteo, goldfinchbaiteo and even woodpigbaiteo....]
It's tough to be a Buzzard...

Be Seeing You.

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