04 June, 2016

Plan B

Always useful to have a back up when things go spoon-shaped in the wrong way [ie when said spoon not attached to a Pom's derriere..]

Yesterday the weather when I got out of work was not the balmy sunshine I hoped for but 14° and overcast. Hmm, not good for little flutterbies. So, off I went to the East.

I'd taken the paparazzi setup and - as the sun was indeed hiding over there - spent some interesting time waiting for a Dartford Warbler to risk posing in view for long enough to focus and hit the shutter.. At some point in the future we will see if I succeeded.

Also other butterflies and a fair few odonata around as well; these all staying very low what with a lovely Hobby zooming around above them!

You may have noticed my lack of anything even vague about where I was. Funny that, isn't it?

Earlier in the week, Saturn, Jupiter [plus all 4], and Mars were showing wonderfully. I even tried to get pictures, but only got one of Mars before a dreadful sheet of veeeery thin cloud arrived to spoil the fun.

Also available in red..

And yes, having seen that, you're probably right to be grateful about the cloud. Who really wants to see a variety of blobs and be told 'oh yes, they were wonderful views...'

Then again, you are reading this blog.

Right, back to the original point, as today's been mostly scuppered by one of those headaches. I've just about fought it off now, and as the weather's not SB enough [maybe] and as the Little Bittern was last week [and probably not twitchable even then] and Lemmy is still needing lots of time and far more fortune..

Here I am posting.

Be Seeing You..

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