27 June, 2016

Seawatch Sunday

Weak front.

Weak results.

What the what, it was worth a try.

I got 15 Manxies an hour. Woo.

One highlight was a pod of Common Dolphins, which went north, but vanished with impressive alacrity when I tried to get a good count. 'More than 5' is all I can say.

Better counting was the Ore Stone auks; ~550 Guillemots! 5+ Razorbills!

Observe, regardez, lookit!

Lots and lots of Guillemots

Oh, the horrors of phonescoping....

Sneaky Razorbills

And he gets some lurverly geology in there too! The Razorbills might be hiding black and white blobs, but look at the strata... :) Ah, it's a thing of beauty; as above, so below and below and below and below..... Right down to the microscopic.

Also of note on the Home Front, a fireworks display [and quite a fancy one, too] disturbed a large bat sp. - looked like a Serotine by the wings* - on Saturday night. Set at least 3 Tawnys off, too.


[[*Quite broad, as opposed to long and pointy for a Noctule. {He says, sounding as if he actually has something approaching a clue....}]]

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