27 June, 2016

Moor Rocks

Two posts in a day, oh dear. Fear not, though, I'll keep this creditably short.

Saturday saw me once Moor upon the... yeah, yeah, enough of that one.

I defied the weather and wandered about a bit before heading into Fernworthy by the back way. Ok, technically by a back way. [And not the Back Door, either]

The FC have been very busy with their Machineries of Destruction and some of the trackways are effectively impassable - which is both kind and considerate of them* - and more are covered in mud and tree bits. Good footwear and a stick recommended folks, in case what you're about to tread on is actually a metre deep rut filled with you don't want to know...

Aaanyway, I found some much-needed solace at the Row. There was even the odd moment of sunshine.


Cairn and row amongst the trees

The double row runs up
a picturesque slope..

There's a bit more of it. Too much to photo in one go [with my phone, anyway..].
So I didn't.

The cairn terminals 
- in some disarray

There's a nice though not enormous terminal [this is not Drizzlecombe] at the far end. Close by is a neat hut circle. The proximity [and what looks like an impressive hearth] makes me wonder if it wasn't some sort of ritual building. This whole row, more than any other - even Hingston Hill - shouts 'walk me'.

The mud and weather meant minimal human activity, which meant more bird activity, which was nice. Though very few were actually showy - a Redstart being an enjoyable exception.

Even though I got rained on more than once, it was still a most refreshing way to pass the time.

Right, that's it. I'm going to go and curse the weather again; why weren't the next two days last week? Why? Whyyyy?

Be Seeing You..

[[*Yes, I know they have a job to do, but why does said job always seems to co-incide with wet weather?]]

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