04 July, 2016

Pretty Pictures

Is it July already? How time does fly. Unfortunately, it has also flown today, so the proper post about what I've been up to shall have to wait until at least tomorrow. However, I shall not leave you empty handed, as I have been Up To No Good and now have slightly less awful artwork to inflict upon you. [Only slightly, though...]

Cue piccies;

(Biguglius swallowyouwholeii)

(Sarniscroungerus tseepi)

(Messyeata verdi)

(Chakkus impatius)

(Munchus antigraviti)

Fossil bed;
crinoids, brachiopods, rugose corals,
that sort of thing

Yes, I bought an actual digital camera. Only a little pocket one, though, so the seabirds out there can relax about getting ID'd;

16 Common Scoter, 
passing outside the Ore Stone.

That little dotty black thing just left of centre and up from middle is the scoter flock at Big Shear range [ie about a mile]. I suppose an albert might be doable at that distance, but I doubt anything smaller will even show up.....

With that bombshell, I shall leave you.

For now.

Be Seeing You..

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