11 July, 2016

Seaing More Of The Same?

Well, that darned weather's continuing its misbehaviour, but hey, what can you do?

I couldn't stay away [surprise surprise], though I did manage to distract myself via a semi-disastrous attempt at assorted honey cakes...

But that is for another blog*

Of note on Saturday was a very nice dark morph Arctic Skua, which I tracked off across the Bay, losing it at 1538.

Pretty pictures;

Sunday saw me dragging up at aargh o'clock and getting down to the Nose again, on the off chance that the wiggly frontal thingies were going to behave.

I found Big Shear Weather;

The view from under my bumbleshoot

Look! No horizon!
Gunk wall at 1km.

And a Big Ship. Which soon attracted a friend**.

LPG tanker 'Gas Legacy' and tanker 'Gas Ice'
[Big Shear Range is between them]


Nevertheless, I spent a long while there and saw.. Not exactly gigantic numbers. The auks have mostly gone, but there are still quite a few around, including lots of Razorbills :)  The most numerous passage birds were... Common Scoter! 74 south beat even the Gannets [with 62/3]. Interestingly, they [and the Manxies] took a while to get going, passing in sunny spells..

Of avian interest were 2 Balearics, 3 Med Gulls, at least 4 Sarnies, a couple of skuas, and a real WTHIT!?!!

Under the sea, a pod of Harbour Porpoises went by north at 0820, [at least 5 and at least one calf] though they were outside the Ore Stone and not hanging around.

The sun eventually put paid to all the fun and despite the mounting wind I gave up. Well, after I'd chatted to a lovely [if possibly slightly mad] lady from Holland, who's kayaking around Britain!

Speaking of lovely ladies;

And speaking of pics;

Sometimes, it's tough to be a Rockit..


So cute.

Right then. There may a be a quickie along later in the week [I have more photos, so start running brace your eyes be prepared...] but this'll do for now.

Be Seeing You..

[[*Perhaps less Backward Baking than Culinary Mad Science!...?]]
[[**These floating islands cause many of the really cool things, like big shears, to fly outside them, thus being waaaaaay out and hard if not impossible to see. Bar stewards.]]

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