21 July, 2016

The Far Moor, Part 2; Below

So, having wandered over the toppest tops you can get this side of kinder scout [or ::whisper:: wales], I  changed tack dramatically; turning back towards the West Okie, dropping down into the Red-a-ven valley, and playing much more of a 'look down' than a 'look up' game.

But to look up,

Yes Tor looming in the background..

Nice proper little Deb'n valley  :)

The Red-a-ven is a SSSI [well, the lower bit is] for one of my favourite things;

Oooh, Carboniferous metasands....


Heh heh heh...

Mostly funny-looking grey and brown ones, too.. ;D

With intact structures and everything

Though some are quite 'pretty';

These are the stream bed, well, such bits that aren't waterfalls


Before I completely melt your poor eyes, there were other things to look at, such as;

Large Red Damselfly


Beautiful Demoiselle

And even;

Keeled Skimmer

I'm quite pleased with that one [you'd never guess...]

Unfortunately, Horseflies stopped play, so I moved on down to the main event, Meldon Aplite Quarries.
[Yup, more frickin' rocks...]

This site is justly famous in certain circles, and those who care will know, and those who don't won't want me burbling, so just skim the piccies;

The big one.
How big?

Handy devotees for scale

The higher level
[top right in first pic]

For fans of metamorphic minerals and interesting structural bits, tis well worth a looksee.
For all you vaguely normal people out there, despite my geoproclivities, it is a lovely little spot. There's even a Scheduled Monument!

With handy helpers for scale and to demonstrate route along top

[While a big bit of iron may not be to all tastes - even with the view from - it also has one of those carriage cafes next to it..]

Across the river, there's something a little more universally pretty;

A Pool Of Purest Green!
Mmmmh, limestone!

Another old quarry, somewhat damper.

From here it was a short if sharp climb back to the Res car park.

Yeah, so, lots of wandering about, even more pics, and Horseflies and bladdy bracken aside, a very successful trip.

One more picture, from closer to Home;


They've been knocking the sunflower seeds down nigh on 2" a day, the greedy blighters...

Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Be Seeing You..

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