28 July, 2016

Local News

Very local..

First up, looks like some fledging Swifts hereabouts;

The rare Blurred Swift
Apus blobbi

Count by photo was attempted, but the dratted autofocus threw a hissyfit...

In less welcome news [yes, even than a misbehaving camera..], I have been vexed by this visitor;

Pink Pigeon

Your screen is not playing up, this one's in the pink..

Also in my [allegedly pigeon-protected] green birdbath;

Diving through cage and netting...

Its a racer, somewhat astray, and this is what I can get of the rings;

The antigravity ray worked at last!!

I got all tha bling, innit?

To translate; GB 16 and N6767

If anyone owns this, will they please come scatter some seed by a big net or something? Cheers.

That is all.

Be Seeing You..

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