14 July, 2016

Gotcha! Well... Sort Of.

Yes, I threatened this, didn't I?

Aside from the fearsome rate at which the Greenfinches are getting through sunflower seeds, no real news to report [and let's face it, there's plenty of real real news to be going on with..]

Just some of these;


The autofocus was having fits, but I got one good one. [Well, I got one, anyway]

Grocklemobile annoying the anglers
at the Nose

You can just make out a couple of crab pot buoys they've gone over, too...

H&S strikes again...!

Oh dear.

Small White
[male, second brood]

The possibility of halfway legible insect shots now waits on the weather making its frickin' mind up..

Target practice

Ok not sharp, but recognisable, which is a first for flying Gannetry as far as I'm concerned!

That'll do for now [if goggle lets me publish this, anyway; there have been some sort of technical issues....]

I don't like Collared Pratincoles. That's twice now.

Be Seeing You..

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