06 July, 2016

It's All About Family

Well, it is that time of year, isn't it?

Yup, finally posting the catchup..

The weekend started well, with a family of Firecrests at somewhere on Patch! Definitely two, probably three juveniles, but no chance for any pictorial attempts - they were noisy but mobile. :D

Also at least 3 juv Pegs knocking about, but despite many attempts, I've not caught them showing any leg [the demure wee sods..  ;) ]

Sunday morning saw me saying 'what the hell' and trying the Nose for the vaguely-front-like-thing that came through.

There was a lovely level of gunk and the wind was in some interesting directions, but sadly not very much of it. Also a lack of rain meant no chum, either.

But I knew this going in and did it anyway!

My devotion was rewarded, too.  No huge numbers, or even big numbers, [or even respectable numbers..] but there was a good variety and some cracking birds were seen.

All three standard skuas, 3 Puffins - one which plonked down in front of the Ore Stone - a whole bunch of scoter, a few migrants and a teeny scattering of the regulars.

Numbers [s - /n where appropriate];

Gannet  35/3
Kitt  10
Fulmar  7
Manx  4
C Scoter  34
Sarnie  3
Curlew  2
Med Gull  1
Bonxie  1
Pom  1
Arctic Skua  1
duck sp.* [n]  2
Puffin  3

The light was favourable for once as the gunk cleared out and I got numbers on the Ore Stone auks of 165 Guilles and 9 Razorbills. Yep, fledging has occurred! Many birds on the water including juveniles, and of those at least 3 were Razorbill!

What do you mean, you can't see them??!??

Guillemots and Razorbills,
Puffin on the water [no, really!],
plus mystery photobomber!

In the afternoon I changed tack dramatically and went up to Bellever with the Folks for a very civilised attack of coffee and cake. I am delighted to report that my attempt to recreate our old picnic favourite, the ginger 'chemical cake', with proper ingredients worked like a charm. :)

Looking over the Dart valley

Even the Little Black Dog behaved. Well, some of the time..
Actually looking the right way. Shock...

Birds were pretty quiet, with a flyover Tripit the fanciest, but that wasn't why we went.

Also in the news;  yesterday the newest brood of Greenfinches arrived at the feeders; three, maybe four juveniles were shown what to do - when they weren't begging harder than Cuckoos, anyway!
I didn't even try to get a pic, as they were too adorable to disturb....

[[*Not scoters, not Mallards, so an actually uncommon-at-the-Nose species! They looked like they could have been Eider, but the gunk was too thick and they really weren't hanging around..]]

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