19 July, 2016

The Far Moor, Part 1; Above

Saturday saw me going out for some fun up on t' Moor.

Way up on t' Moor.

I went around to Meldon Res and wandered right up onto the Roof Of The South. The weather was far too hot and humid, but the on and off overcast and frisky westerly wind made it bearable. Well, up on the tops, anyway..

Be warned, there are a lot of piccies;

So, off I trotted, taking the old favourite route up to the old favourite stopping spot in those there parts, Black Tor*

Black Tor

The clouds were scraping the high tops, but I was undaunted and so were quite a few others [but hey, weekend in July..]

From the tor;

What's that lurking far off to the south?

Fur Tor!

Closer to;

Black-a-tor Copse 
waaay down there in the West Okement valley

The wind was blowing well, so I didn't linger and pressed on past Fordsland's Ledge to the Wilhay itself.

High Wilhays
Looking as impressive as ever

It's a place to view from. Though not quite as bad as Ryder's Hill, it is true. And you can get out of the wind and sit down without getting your bum soggy, too.

Anyway.. I had lunch out of the wind and in the view, before heading on to this one;

Yes, that one..

Went there.

Wilhays from Yes
The one place where the optical illusion doesn't work

Onward progress was then interrupted by our action for the day, courtesy of Her Majesty's Finest;

On patrol...

Time for an ambush!

Instructor watches closely as they advance in turn 

OpFor having fun

Having set up suppressing fire, it's time to turn the tables

Two flank the enemy and unleash the Smoke Grenade of Doom

Before closing in

Earlier, a prior squad discuss their assault

It was great to watch - classic infantry action.

Getting back to the birds [or even on to the birds..], notable around anywhere with rocks were these guys;


After the show ended, I went on to West Mill Tor.

West Mill is a lovely tor, all made of good spots, and also partly made of felsite;


After a mooch about, thinking of stopping to skywatch for a bit, I decided to press on instead and, passing a tactical tea break-

Looking at me looking at them

-I headed on to the Red-a-ven valley, home of all sorts of interesting things!

And those things may even show up in part 2.. Coming soon to a blog near you.

Be Seeing You..

[[*One of them, anyway. Why there are so many Black, Sharp, and Hound Tors is one of those little things..]]

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