15 September, 2016

Another Yomp

Right, after all that rapid posting, I've left it a bit before finishing the fun with Sunday's tale.

Exercise was needed and t' Moor is a great place for a wander, so I zipped over to Shipley Bridge and toddled up the old tramway. The weather was looking as if it intended misbehaviour, so I stopped early at the Sub and watched it while I stuffed my face.

View From The Sub
Looking a bit iffy..

Messing with the zoom, you can see what a difference a lunch made;

North Hessary and Great Mis
[plus sideways dizzle]

And in sunshine!
[Ok, not the top of Great Mis, but brooding is what it does..]

The more observant of you may have noticed a slight angle change there, as I had toddled on to the White Barrow before I noticed the sunny distants and thought 'ooh, that's a shot'.. Oh well.

Yes, the weather clearly realised that while I hadn't taken all my waterproofs, I was quite willing to not get soaked, so it might as well just be sunny at me. Which it did.

Here's more scenery;

Three Barrows

Then right hand down a bit and to this little beauty;

The Avon Clapper Bridge

Then up the hill to the Heap of Sinners, and more views;

Before down and up the other side to yet another viewpoint, a quick detour for Wheatears;


And then yet another viewpoint, where I sat in one of my favourite spots for a while and was treated to assorted raptors! None very photogenic, alas, which is a shame, as seeing a Hobby mob a Peregrine, and a Kestrel get mobbed by House Martins - who also had a go at a poor innocent Buzzard who happened to be passing - was well worth the day in themselves.

The view from

A few flyovers included Yellow and alba Wagtails and my first Golden Plover of the Autumn.

Heading back around to the Avon, I checked the reservoir [out of duty not hope, being utterly treeless and steep-sided it has a waterbird list in single digits..] and was surprised to find not only this;

Itsa Little Grebe

But also this;


Down in the semi-sheltered valley [did I mention it was blowing one?] there were Golden-ringed and Migrant Hawker Dragonflies, at least one Whinchat, and a scattering of Chiffs plus a Blackcap and a Willow Warbler.

I had a good yomp, saw more birds and got less rained on than I expected, and generally didn't do too badly at all.

The only real downer being having to drag up for work the next day.. [Ah, but what can you do?]

Firstly, I am aware I have threatened promised and not yet delivered. It will come. Not sure when, but it will, and there will be horribly cute baby pics too as compensation.

Secondly, apparently my photos are very bright and overexposed-looking. I think this is due to my monitor, which I have suspected of playing up [as all my pics look far darker on here than on the back of my camera]. Thus, all pics from now on will not be messed with, so maybe they'll look better for you [even if I can't decipher them myself..].

Be Seeing You..

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