20 September, 2016

Birding With The Folks

This actually happened on Sunday, after we'd encountered a Wryneck at Soar [it was - presumably - after ants among the low gorse on the Warren and duly vanished towards Starehole]. An actual Wryneck sweep was freely and knowingly entered into [especially by a certain LBD, who is always keen to look for things]. While this was fruitless - though what was likely the same bird was later independently found in Starehole - it was great to be doing it. :)

We did see a few things which were more co-operative for my attempts at photography..


Small Copper

And some things which would have been if my autofocus had not decided to start misbehaving most frustratingly;

Soaring Sprawk
plus Swallows mobbing it!

One of 2 Kestrels

Time for some scenery;

On The Warren, looking towards Burgh Island*

Lunch watching over Starehole
[maybe not all looking for the same things..]

Prawle from Sharp Tor

Bolt Head

Coffee stop watching over upper Starehole

The cleared viewpoint up on Sharp Tor is a marked improvement from its old overgrown state [and maybe a nice diversion to keep many grockles out of Starehole..::cough::], with great views from up there [as you might guess from my pics].

We looped around a bit to have another go for the Wryneck, but evidently it went right down Starehole [though we did see the chap who photo'd it!].

Birdwise it was very busy, with some big flocks of hirundines, Skylarks, and Linnets notable. Wheatears were plentiful up on the Warren, and there were Spot Flies and Whinchats in Starehole. Unfortunately, we were looking the wrong way at 1300 and so missed the [theoretically visible from where we were] Osprey! :(

Warblers were thinner on the ground, with a few Chiffs, and singles of Willow Warbler and Whitethroat. Several groups of Goldfinches were moving, as were Mipits, and at least one White Wagtail - seen in Starehole [a juv] - among the alba wags. Most notable flyover was a Tree Pipit [heard only, despite seeming to be overhead!]

At least 3 Buzzards - soaring together over East Soar at one point - were about as well as the Sprawk [seen twice] and 2 Kestrels.

Also vast numbers of whites - mostly Small - up on The Warren, with a hummingbird hawkmoth - like moth and a skipper sp. which skipped away before I could even get my camera on let alone focused.. Many Small Copper and Red Admiral around Bolt Head, but no blues of any kind seen.

Up on Sharp Tor were a few of these;


It's been a while since we'd been over there [as opposed to me swanning around after birds on my tod] and aside from a few unfortunate sign and gate related issues [ahem] we had a fair old time. Yes, it would have been better if that dratted Wryneck had popped up on top of a bush and posed for the Folks [and my camera..], or if the Osprey had drifted overhead, or if we'd gone to Jennycliff...

Hanging On The Weekend...

[[*If only I'd had a bigger lens. A much bigger lens...]]

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