25 September, 2016


Breaking news peoples; Wryneck at Hope's Nose.

First found at 0750 this morning by a brave seawatcher, then refound by yours truly*. I even have pictures!!!

Awful pictures, due to the bar steward hiding on the far side of an Ash. I can't blame it, as it was almost as surprised as me at our meeting - you don't often find any bird less bold than a Robin hanging out on what is the main drag at the Nose on a sunny Sunday, after all.

[It's facing right..]

Can't see it? Let me blast it for you [if you could see it, you might want shades to view this..];

"Wait, he's shooting... he can see me?!?"

After gathering itself, it moved even further away. My autofocus didn't approve, naturally, but here's a couple more. 

Now you see it...

.. Now you don't.

About 20 minutes later, it popped up around the Mound bushes, where it showed a couple of times [in typical buggering off fashion], briefly posed for three fortunates [including the finder, who was back with a camera, having got a phone video of it previously!] at the bottom of the Second Slope, before heading into the bushes therein and vanishing more thoroughly.

Also on site were.. Well, not a lot. A few Blackcaps and Chiffs, with a scattering of finches over and a passing Grey Heron. Plus residents such as;

You may well have noted the photobombing Jaspers. They're everywhere...

Be Seeing You..

[[*It was sunning itself in the bench gap by the Rock Path. Thus it was either, a) crying out to be found, or b) not the smartest chick in the nest...]]

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