24 October, 2017

Birdless Post?

Not even a manky Herring Gull?

Well, it was like this.. On Sunday there was one of our little clan meets down in Cornwall, and so I was very good and didn't run off chasing birds [you know, like two-day delayed Sprossers.. ]

I was even better, as I took along some of my culinary mad science, which in a remarkable twist actually went down very well. You may have noticed a picture of the prototype for one in an earlier post.

The trip itself was not birdless. Oh no, far from it! Things started very well, with a ridiculous sighting near JR's old patch; only a frickin' Grey Partridge! Sat at the base of the hedge on the road edge - gravelling, I assume - cool as you like... Fields full of Pheasants there abouts, but no other gamebirds.

A while later on - indeed across the Tamar - a Wheatear was sat on one of the uprights of the Dobwalls roundabout.. :)

Final bird of note at our meeting place; a nice White Wagtail lurking about the beach at Gorran Haven

While adorable small relatives ran about on said sand, I took a break from trying to get cute action shots to take a few pictures that can be shared with the world;

Surf's up

Now that's a raised beach!

Mussels and 'friends'

Dinner time..
Whelk munching unlucky Mussel


Devonian marine strata

Just look at that exposure
[slightly seaworn, 'tis true]

Up close and personal

Ok, enough of [these!] rocks.

Coming soon.. The Dreaded 'Pwll-Du minus tweety birds' post of many photos both colourful and not so much!!!

Oh yes.

Be Seeing You..

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