28 October, 2017


Loads of the big fluffy ones passing by this morning - not just at the Nose but all the way there, too. It was actually rather reassuring to see, as I've never had the five figure counts there you get up and down the coast, and I can't help wonder about how I'm missing them..

Reality of course is that as my little peninsula is not as solid as the one at the south end of the Bay, many of the flocks take an inland course. This is due to the many valleys, [caused by the terminal splay of the Sticklepath Fault, to get geological] which cut across and make inviting avenues.

Wandering forth, it was markedly nippier than previous mornings this week;

Mou Morning Dew

Getting back to the birds, I had hundreds-strong flocks passing at multiple ranges and directions, so getting anything like a good count was not going to happen. Thus 'loads'.

My autofocus really doesn't like spread flocks, but I eventually got something;

Two flocks in one shot
[expand to see that background birds]

'Close up'

Not just Woodpigs moving, with numbers of thrushes - Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, and a confiding [for the species]


- as well as the usual finches, Skylarks, and so on. No Hawfinches, though :(
Also of interest, Blackcaps spread throughout the area - though most concentrated at the Nose - but not a single Chiff to be seen or heard.. Very odd.

The early sunshine turned quite suddenly to cloud, with an accompanying increase in wind and decrease in visible birds.

While the light lasted, a lot of birdies struck poses of varying quality, and I couldn't help myself...

Giving the fly the eye

So very cute




Another Buzzard

When Crows attack!


"Cuteness? You know nothing, Long-tailed Tits."

Also looking for migrants..


"I'm a magnificent raptor"

More posting about earlier events still to come. I have some fun from Friday and yes, that post about rocks and fungi as well. I'm not entirely sure when, but they will arrive.

Be Seeing You..

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