02 October, 2023

At The Nose. Pt.3, Calonectris Ex Machina

After the weekend's fun and frolics, what would a hot date with Agatha provide?

The weather forecast, much less the reality, wasn't particularly hopeful. Then again, I'd been expecting very little on Sunday, and look how that turned out.

Certainly, the trip from work was through some nicely sideways rain, and it was good and windy if nothing else at the Nose.

The Teacher had arrived before me, and reported Poms and Bals.

We were there until bad light stopped play, not long before sunset.



Took too long
to get camera out
and aimed...

.. but I did hit the
second Cory's Shearwater!

Though nowhere near as close as when first picked up.
[My attempts to photo the first I clean missed. I may have spent far too much time cooing over it, 'tis true....]

Oh yes, 2 Cory's, inside the Manx Line when first picked up and drooled over, were the highlight of a couple of hours. I also got on a Puffin at the same range, but the naughty Sun went in and it vanished [I suspect it landed, the scamp]. Likwise, 3 Balearics dodged my efforts  [Hey, we'd both had long days at Actual Work]


Glonk Corner, 2.3hrs

Cory's  [1734,1758]             2
Balearic                                1
Manx                                    3/1
Pom                                      1
Arctic Sk                             17
Puffin  [1723]                       1
Raz                                      34/3
Guille                                   1
auk sp.                                  2
Ringed Plover                      5

Gannet, Kittiwake, uncounted
[see previous comments, re. long day]

Big swell!

The flock of Ringos zipping by were nice and the Arctic's put on quite a display, many stopping or coming in to vex the abundance of Kittiwakes. At one point we had 5 on show together, and also three giving the Pom a hard time!

It was all good fun, and while still no Sab's [😔] it was very much worth it 😁

Next? Well, I really ought to do some filthy twitching. There are various good to insanely good birds in at least theoretical reach, but I'm having trouble sourciing and sustaining the energy..


Anyways, Seawatching Glory, folks!

Be Seeing You...

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