01 February, 2024

That 'Patch' Thing

After all the fun of Friday, Saturday saw me suffering a nasty attack of indecision [also sleep].

But fortunately, The Teacher sent me timely news of a Certain Bird and I dragged myself by the bootlaces over to The Nose.

Oh look, right away;




I'd lugged the Big Scope over and Much Sea Scanning followed.

I found 1 GND, 

At a tricky long range / bad
light combination...

Checking from other points?

3+ Harbour Porpoise, and this character



As the day ended, I hit the Blackball Roost - for the first time in far too long - and I got..

Nothing. Zero.
Even the Herring Gulls flew around the corner.

Well, that was a first.

The Goddess of Birding, She giveth as She pleases.

Be that wonderful birds or bugger all, we have to find out for ourselves...

I've also spent a little time watching my little Skygarden, here's a pic;


Only two when I'm counting, of course 😕

Also, it being rather Springy around here, some more flowering things;



What a lovely way to end a post.

Not the ending to the weekend, though. I had Unfinished Business, after all.

Be Seeing You...

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