28 July, 2017

All Change

Once more and again unto the Nose this afternoon, as even more interesting weather eventually showed up. I should have been down much sharper, but it looked as if it could burst into sun at any point when I got back from work.

Then the south and western sky darkened and I thought "Ah.." Down I scurried.

Civilians held me up, wanting mostly to talk about the Grey Seal [it's become quite the local celebrity, it seems], but eventually I got down to The Steps, and got an eyeful of a rather different avifauna from Wednesday!

Of most note for this blog is the number 26. This being the minutes that that Great Shear took to do the Bay. Having known one do it in 11 [I think], it must have really been dawdling. Then again, as I tracked it behind the Ore Stone but not out the other side [unlike the three Manxies it was with], perhaps it took a wander out into Lyme Bay before heading on? Or a sit down??

Also 2 European Storm Petrels, 2 Sooties - together - and a mere 26 Manx in 2.5 hours.. But 29 Fulmars! No Balearics. 3 Arctic Skuas, which all went north. 170 Gannets, only 16 Kittiwakes.
Adult and juv Med Gull, and more on other juvs when I have time to play with the pics.

The weather was much 'better', with me hanging on to my bumbleshoot for dear life more than once in the sidewinding squall lines.. Fun, isn't it?

Be Seeing You..

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