31 July, 2017

The Two Tors

Slightly delayed, my apologies.

A tale of two tors, as I continue to visit all of the 'best bits' of the Moor.

The forecast was.. reasonable. A bit windy, with the chance of rain - maybe big boss showers, even - and maybe hot sunshine. So pack for everything. :)

As you may well have ascertained, I only went up two tors, but they were notable ones, harder to link into a longer trip.

Ok, let's let the pics do the talking;

 Great Mis Tor

Looking north from the top;
Dartmoor's NW massif

Yup, the Barad-dur of Dartmoor itself, Great Mis Tor.

I wandered up, had a bite to eat, sat and enjoyed the view in the hope that something would fly by, got rained on, sat some more, then had a wander about. It's a big place, GMT; about ten tors' worth of outcrops on one big boss hill. The weather was feeling atmospheric [hoho], so I indulged a little;

The Wilhay and Fur Tor

The southern massif

Looking east

Looking towards Plimoth

The weather was.. changeable

Inevitably, I was somewhat distracted by Wheatears;

First brood?

Brand new!


Other birds;

Mipit, FF



I eventually tore myself away for the trip across the watershed to tor number two. Can you guess which one?

Look uuuuuuuuuuuup....

North Hessary Tor. Home of a telly station and a really big mast. Plus, now a hard core way of getting up;
That goes up to the crow's nest..

Prospective BASE jumpers should be aware the security has been beefed up; with night vision, IR motion detectors, and everything..

The views from up there are the reason to go, really, so here we go;

You had to be there

Always another Wheatear

I then toddled down to find a spot out of the wind where I wouldn't be in the way of everyone coming up; and you wouldn't credit how many people stagger up NHT from Princetown..

Cue Hollow Tor.

Looking back where I came from

 It's one of those shoulder tors*. A nice little spot, and as the name suggests, has suffered an attack of the quarrymen, though you wouldn't know it until you pretty much walked into it.. 

So, not a vast meander, but a nice little amble.

 More waits on the weather.

Be Seeing You..

[[*Also on the route were Little Mis and Rundlestone Tors, btw]]

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