31 July, 2017

Big Day At Prawle

Yesterday I nearly went to 'Gwarra, but various things got in the way and so I compromised on a day of hopefully big showers and a SW wind* at Prawle. That recipe has in the past scored massive big shears at said cornish mecca, so what could it give at Devon's version?

Shearwaters and Storm Petrels.

This will be the blog post coming.

Yup, you're reading the teaser.

No, there won't be crippling photos, because I was up a great big headland and all the good birds were well out, or too fast, or I was too busy going 'wooooo'... Hey, you want nice photos from a seawatch, go to The Boss. [[And indeed, if you want good birds]]
Yes, there were good birds. Yes, there will be awful photos of blobs of one or two of those birds. And better ones of worse birds.
Because this is Backward Birding, after all.

But a trailer needs something, so here are two numbers for you.



Ok, the second one was a time. How about 10 + 1? ;D

 On a brighter note, I had intended to put a piccy up here as well, but gaggle in their infinite incompetence have decided that I can't do that today. So you're spared.

Be Seeing You..

[[*The theory runs that birds will be moving due to the wind, and will fly around the showers. So if one passes offshore, they'll come inland [ie. downwind] of it. And you get to see them in good light without being rained on. When it works, it's amazing. When it doesn't, you start looking at yachts...]]

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