12 July, 2017

More Moor

One gaggle-delay later..

I summoned some energy and got out on Sunday. Took another of the wanders I'm taking this year, regarding visiting all the bits of t'Moor I really like.
This was a wiggly 19km loop from Whiteworks; jump-off point of choice for the area. 

What's to come? Yeah, more stone rows. This time with closer birdies.

Is it crooked?

Or straight?

Hingston Hill is probably, no definitely my favourite row. It has a bonus circle attached, too. It's also tricksy with the perspective.

Clustering the stones, here are some more. Little stones in the rows, mostly, but ah, the terminals;

The Littlest Row
[Beware The Killer Sheep]


Now that's a big one..

But then you meet this one...

1.1m pole for scale

I was in Drizzlecombe, home of the tallest, biggest, and baddest standing stone in the south west. And some other nice ones, too.

It wasn't just rows and cairns, though, as I took the time to detour to a very individual circle. Officially labelled as a very thorough set of retaining stones for an utterly-robbed cairn, I'm not entirely sure.
This is Yellowmeade;

With Sheepstor.

Four concentric circles? But look at how carefully the stones are set, how they are taller on one side [not downhill, either] - something seen elsewhere in the country, btw - and if you go there, you'll see they're not quite as much a set of concentric circles as a complicated set of spirals. Try walking it some time. [Just go the right way ;) ]

Close to

Ok, now for some scenery;

Towards Burrator Res from Combshead Tor

Cuckoo Rock

Whittenknowles Settlement
[would be a nice sea view if that artificial hill wasn't there!]

Eylesbarrow Mine

And, as promised... Birdies!

Ooh, wonder what that is..?

Not a Wheatear

Not a bird!

Getting ready for fame


"I will only be photographed on my posing rock"

"You two lack the courage to get a close up. Make me famous!"

It was nowhere near as overcast, gunky, and drizzly as forecast. Indeed, until late morning, the phrase 'blazing sunshine' applied. Eventually more cloud and some intermittent wind showed up, but it was still a very close day. Still, lovely to be out.

Be Seeing You..

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