31 December, 2018

Drat. Again.

Very quick one, [yes I know I have lots to post on and I will get there eventually].

I've been making an attempt to get over the line on that Patch Year List thing.. This has brought the odd moment of joy, most notably as a good 11 miles of yomping yesterday culminated in a 'I might as well have a look as I'm passing' check of the normally ridiculous Torre Abbey trench pond, which gave a shock;



All the rain pushing the wood ducks off the rivers and onto 'safer' waters, it seems [with one at Thurlestone last week, also]. This female was very cautious, keeping close to cover and well away from passers-by; seeming to be very torn between 'flee!' and 'all these other ducks aren't scared at all so should I be?'

And there I was hoping for a Coot...

[Didn't find one]

As you may see from below, it seems this here duckie is a little more rubber than I'd have liked. Bugger and so on.
Oh well, what can you do... [Where's my eraser??]

Be Seeing You...

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  1. Hi Tom, that Mandarin has been there since at least Nov 12th and is ringed on its right leg and has a gammy left leg- don’t think it has come as far as a Dartmoor Valley ! Cheers Mark