29 December, 2018

Patching Near And Far. Pt. 2, In The Sun

[Posted with minor temporal irregularity]

Right, lots of Patch bashing in rain, fog, gunk, and latterly actual sunshine [what is this strange bright thing in the sky???], ensued for me after I'd sorted Festive Business. Then the Traditional Perambulation. Then some actual sunshine while doing Stuff [nothing wrong with taking the scenic route, after all; that last post down there was taken 'on the way to get petrol and go to the supermarket' - that's a scenic route ! ;D ] and also while being a Responsible Birder checking his Patch.
Posts split due to number of bad pictures that need including. Also my inability to quickly put together posts.*

I suppose I ought to start with some nice blobs, seeing as how it's the most interesting thing going - at least to the wider world - and involves a cross-Bay connection.


Well, you know how I have this habit of posting blobs that I claim are scoters off by the Buoy Farm? Well, I was having a look at them only two days ago [that's the 27th] - once the Sun had moved around enough for them to be at least theoretically not silhouettes - little knowing that at that exact moment, The Artist himself was doing the same thing from his Patch far to the south. Indeed, I reckon we saw the same head-up wingflap, from a bird whose tiny blobby picture I shall now post;

High definition image
[you can clearly see the odd scoter out, right?]

Posing in formation

Of course, they weren't all keeping nicely together, as a few were actually dotted about in twos and threes

At least you can pick them from the gulls, right?

I should apologise for that. Though did you really expect the kind of pics you get from proper birders like Mr B? Reallllly?

Views far better through an objective bigger than a coin...
[I could post the shot I have of two more who flew in from the North and landed closer off Meadfoot, but that would be wrong. They are, despite the shorter range, even worse...]

Total scoter around the Farm was 20, plus those other 2. These being 21 nice Common Scoter and 1.. You think those shots are good enough proof? ::Tries not to laugh too hard:: Me neither...

One day.

Let's see something pretty to cleanse the optical palettes;

Inner Buoy Farm 
and Some Headland or other

There are times, living here...

..when I'm not sure I can take it any more.

My poor poor eyes, to see such horrors...

Perhaps I ought to behave, too.

Ooh, I do have some more proper news, this time with decent photos;

Sandpiper Purple

Another of the at least 10 along
the Real Living Coast

Roost photos taken from respectable distance

Also in the sunshine;


::Sucks up gut::
"No really, I'm a Caspo!"

You think that one's bad, try this;

"I'm a smith"

You had to have nasty Herrings inflicted upon you. It's in my contract. Anyway, as my gull pics go, those aren't that bad. [The photos, not the gulls]

Autumnal Moth

Didn't see that coming, though, did you?

Right, still to come in Part 1; lots of birding in the rain. Also funguses and flowers.

Then, What I Did Up On The Moor. Spoiler Below**

Be Seeing You...

[[*You would think these things are knocked up in five minutes. Think again.]]
[[**SPOILER: I covered 10 miles of prime habbo and didn't see a single Grouse. Indeed, for a lot of the time I didn't see much at all...]]

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