26 February, 2019

Normal Service Pt. 1; Vegetable

Well, normal for the moment. I've been chafing at the bit to get out and cracked at the weekend - as you will see elsewhere - but mostly I've been behaving and limiting myself to gentle ambles about the Patch. The weather in the following is a bit variable, as we have a heady and shameless mix of 'under the mistyfog' and 'in the blazing sunshine..!'
To sum up, I haven't found anything amazing [apart from early blooming plantses], best birds caught on camera being a couple of Meds [awful picture not in this post, don't worry].

But enough of that, what's to show if not tell?

I love these glorious beauties

If you don't like a nice Crocus [or twenty], then you need to a) get help, you are clearly insane, and b) skip most of this post. No sorries, I love them :)

Even closed they are wonderful


Also available in Yellow



While we're at it, a few more photos botanical..

Cut-leaved Dead-nettle
[Deep notches in leaf margins] 

Magnolias in bloom

Lesser Celandine

Or is it?

It's not often you get blossom..

..and berries at the same time.

Not in a garden


Remember my mad 
winter-blooming French Lavender?
Yes, it's looking very smug.

Rosemary getting in on the fun

Ultra-purple thing

Wait a minute....

Oh it's all fun and games. Coming soon: the next bit, with birds and other things.

Be Seeing You...

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