04 March, 2019

Normal Service Pt. 2; Animal and Mineral

Being other stuff from about the Patch in recent times.

Beware, there may be the odd gull.

Be even more ware, I may well suffer an attack of geology.. :D

So, ambling about what did I find?

It's all very pretty

I suppose we'd better get the gulls over first.. I would like to point out that there are only two pics and both have merit. Really.

Mediterranean Gulls

2w GBB
Darvic ring: P:21C

See? Not so bad. This little darling was ringed on Fraggle Rock and has terrorised spent time along the south cost twixt here and there since, with an array of sightings from birders far more able than I, as I can report having finally got around to looking up the appropriate study [There's a wonderful and much easier-to-use than it used to be site called CR Birding for such things]

Speaking of the Great Winged Terrors...

Told You

Look at the cleaver on that! Woo, even a Bonxie'd think twice...

This one was cruising about on Sunday, enjoying the gentle breeze of Freya..!

Yes, I lied. Well, technically I didn't as I started this post well before last weekend - delayed due to my muse wandering off in a huff about something - so when I wrote that it was true. But I couldn't keep yon Menace off this post. There will be another post about the actual seawatch I got in - I couldn't not - at some point hopefully this year..?

Anyway, back to the past.

Itsa Buzzard

Plus 'friend'

This 1w Crow* was very persistent, and eventually got its reward, finding out that yes, Buzzards are raptors with talons and a quite impressive aerial ability if you annoy them enough.. :D
I laughed.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee!

Pied Wagtails

1w Female Blackbird

You know it's that time of year
when the Dunnocks perch in the clear

Oyks never sleep

Field Mushroom
[It later got kicked, not picked..]

Hmm, I think I'll change things again and spare you the rocks for now, so I can put them together with a nice piccie or two I've since taken.. ::Evil smile::

Instead, let us put in some scenic views..

Brandy Cove in the mistyfog

Magnolias well out

I suppose I ought to have something mineral - that or think up a new title - so;

Quiz time!
What can you see here?

 Other than 'itsa rock'.. ;)

And finally, I noticed this and had to put it in;

How many Patches are there
where you can find back 
gardens with proper Deathslides??

With the gradient of that garden, it'd be eeevil. Full-on 'stick up mattresses at the bottom'... :)

More news and assorted surprises will come, maybe even soon.

Be Seeing You...

[[*You can tell at range by the gargling attempt at a proper caw..]]

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