18 March, 2019

On Patch Pt.1, Old News

This, that, the other, and so on.

Let's see, an attempt to use the blasty NW or so and big showers to see some nice birds cowering in the Blackball roost was not entirely successful, as while I did see some birds, they were mostly hiding up the coast where there was more shelter from the wind [Blackball is better for a S-side wind]

Binary weather!

But there were grebes.

[You missed them, admit it..]

Some were closer.
Great Crested Grebes

A Red-throated Diver was even farther off than the blobs, but that was it. Not a single auk and only a handful of gulls [single rather lost-looking Kittiwake].

Closer to Home, a few birds posed in variable conditions, including the first visible Greenfinches [3] for a while


Blue Tit

Blue Tit with bling!

Let's have a closer look;

Not exactly a darvic, is it?

Perhaps not surprisingly, unlike say Yarner, the proportion of rung birds coming to my feeders is very very small.

Also in my skygarden

Hawthorn stirring

French Lavender



B. darwinii
[ok, this is always in bloom..]

Short and reasonably concise. Not bad. So, that was older Patch News, coming up soon [yes, soon. Really.] will be newer Patch News, plus a trip off out. Newer Patch News will include a new sp. for this blog! Shock!

Quick Spoiler;
I've yet to see let alone photo a Wheatear, but I'm not giving up, despite the conditions not being great for them [at least not while I can get out.. Mutter mutter having to work for a living is a pain.. Ahem]. Even today, while it was sunny [or nearly so] when I set out, by the time I got to the Nose the wind picked up and managed to be always hitting the side I was on [it switched between SW and NW twice! Rude.] and then it started raining...


Right then,

Be Seeing You...

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