29 March, 2019

Out For A Yomp At Last

Stuff it, time to go out and have some fun.

Having tired of sitting about taking it easy to no appreciable benefit, I decided to use my week properly and started with going for a proper amble about the Moor. It's sunny, I'm on hollyday, and well, the only way to find out if I can do it is to do it.

So, I went from Holne up Ryder's Hill, then cut my usual loop short to head over Snowdon to Puper's, where I sat myself down on one of my pet skywatching spots to see what came by. After a mere hour, I went down into the Mardle valley and successfully crossed the eponymous river the splashy way before contouring back. Nice and easy, 14km or so.

The sun shone, the wind was pretty light if a little nippy, and it was giving rather than swampy underfoot. Skylarks sang.

Skylark. Singing.



One of two.


Firstly, a few scenes from;

Bit scenic

Going up there

Hawthorns not out up here yet

Ryder's Hill

I'd put in the panorama from up there, but there aren't enough pixels.

On Snowdon [Not the Welsh one]
Teign Estuary way off in the haze

View from Puper's

Quad-sized bracken-basher
[customised gas cylinder and angle steel - nice!]

The Mardle

Look, up in the sky.. What's that big bird with black wingtips and sticky-out legs??

Highest Grey Heron I've ever seen!

Also at least seven Buzzard up, including the famous Bucky Pale One, and three Raven.

Itsa Buzzard

Itsa different Buzzard

Other photos of interest;


Pisaura mirabilis, I think

[That's heat haze!]


Mipit on deck

"You lookin' at me?"

Mipit in tree

Lots of Meadow Pipits, some in groups - migrants?? - and some feeling more territorial. Sometimes the two mixing;

"Git orf ma' lahnd!"
Dartmoor Mipits are hard, too!*

Ah, but it was lovely up there.


Be Seeing You...

[[*Callback to a certain visit to Staines, back in the day  :) ]]

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