06 December, 2019


First up, the plague sucks.

Especially when you're being good and trying your best to get well asap, as you have Things To Do - Things for which being contagious is not helpful - so sneaking off to go seawatching at the first opportunity is right out. :(
Indeed, aside from work, I've only been out for necessary tasks. Bah and indeed humbug. [Hasn't stopped me watching the birdies coming to my skygarden, or indeed hearing Tawny Owls, but this is by the by, no matter how cute the Nuthatches [at least one each of female and male] or numerous the LTTs [11+! :D ]. ]

 This hasn't stopped me finding something to post.. ok rant about*. Be warned.

Ok, here goes;

I can't believe it.

I have for as long as it's happened, been annoyed by the whole 'xmas before halloween' thing, but now a new low. An offence against nature.

I just saw creme eggs on sale**.

This is sodding December!!

I am offended beyond words.

Be Seeing You...

No. No pictures.

[[*Written on Tuesday, btw]]
[[**You don't need why this is so very wrong explaining, I sincerely hope.]]

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