27 December, 2019

That Screwy Duck II: Tom's Revenge

Once Upon A Time, there was a thcwewy duck [say that in Elmer Fudd's voice], who was a right little so and so. Not only showing up in a very inconvenient place to get to, but hiding for most of the time, too.

So I went and I saw enough to Devon Tick the BLEEP, but it wasn't exactly satisfying.

Now, that duck was expert in being a pain, but he didn't know everything. After all, what time would be safer for him to be tarting about in the pool right next to the lane than first thing on Christmas Day? When everyone is either asleep or otherwise very busy?

You can see it coming, can't you?

He didn't.

::Evil grin::

1cy male Blue-winged Teal


Now looking far more obvious, at least when side on. :) Indeed looking quite lovely even now, with those pale fringes and now very orangey flanks and developing blue bonce with white crescent. Not that they really come out on film, here. [You can't have everything; he kept well hidden from the gate].

Lurking in the Snipe-y bit

Less white showing above the bill on his left side

In the shade;
appreciate that schnozz!!

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Backward Birder. :D

Barring freezing annoyances, there's a fair chance he'll stick through the winter, maybe? If so, yearlisting maniacs will be in for a treat when he's in full plumage. :D

How did I do this? I got there early [just like you taught me*]. After first views - too dark for photos! - I sauntered down to the beach, skipped a few stones, before returning to get shots with actual sunlight.

The Sun.

It was lovely, having Mansands to myself as the Sun rose.

Eventually other people appeared, of course but hey, what can you do?

Also caught in pixels;

All 4 Gadwall, 2 of 5 Tufty

Regular flavour Teal

Roe Deer

Herb Robert


Yup. Out.

Mistle Thrush

Later in the day - which was of course mostly spent with family - a perambulation of beaches was made in company of a certain Horrible Little Black Dog.

Don't go 'Awww...',
she's barking at the waves. Each of them in turn....

Aside from the usual spp. in the usual areas,

Grey Wagtail

it was rather quiet; the sea being notably bird-free [a few gulls and 2 Gannets aside]. Eventually, I picked up a grebe sp. from the Downs. Wrong shape for GC and def. not a BN, it was alas too far off, in too much chop, and not enough light [badly timed clouds..] to be certain what it was. :(

Oh well.

Still, a very good day. :D

Be Seeing You...

[[*The Wire, B) ]]

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